Mobile Device Management

During the last years, network users evolved their behaviour, using mobile devices as a primary source of information and interaction with informational systems; mobile devices are not only laptops, but most certainly tablets and smartphones gradually will overside desktops and even laptops in usage hours and number, causing the need to secure them as well as desktop devices.

Mobile Devices Management is now a challenging task, because the following several operation must be performed, sometimes on a 24h basis, continuosly granting the end users his/her mobile device applications availability, worlwide:

  • operating system updates
  • applicaton avaialbility
  • connectivity

On the other side, IT Staff are involved in several task to grant the mobile devices are compliant with company security policies:
(mandatory and optional) security policies application

  • trigger alerts on events (virtual geographical fencing, suspected activities, ...)
  • ability to remotly block data access to stolen devices
  • centrally management wireless and VPNs network accesses

Ada Consulting uses the most advanced technologies to provide such services, with on-premise solutions and/or cloud based ones as well.


Sophos Mobile

On of the most powerful solution Ada Consulting is able to provide (as a reseller and certified technical advisor) is Sophos Mobile.

this incredible software make IT managers' life easier, allowing them to seat down and concentrate on monitoring and supervising activities on the company mobile devices; Sophos mobile has the following key features:

Mobile Device Management

  • remote device configuration
  • resources management
  • reports

Mobile Application Management

  • install/uninstal remotely
  • Enterprise App Store
  • app policy control

Mobile Content Management

  • secure document publication
  • Sophos secured storage
  • operating system storage policy control

Mobile Device Security

  • antiphishing
  • antimalware
  • secure web surfing

Sophos Mobile is fully integrate in the Sophos Central: every maintenance on mobile devices can be performed using the same User Interface you can use to manage endpoint antivirus, InterceptX and Firewalls.

Taka a look at the Sophos Mobile Overview







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Ada Consulting is a Certified Sophos Partner

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