Perimetral Security

In the modern IT Management scenario, data security is one of the most challenging task every team must known to be involved every day.

The security countermeasures start from the fence, set in front of remote company sites, untrusted networks and even the Internet.

One of the most common high-technology device (in terms of data/system security) is undoubltly a firewall: originally developed as software onto the same operating system, very soon their technology changed and they have been re-engineered as "appliances", instead of software, to be installed onto operating systems.

Firewall Appliances became sofisticated and included features, usually provided by other systems: Virtual private Networking (VPN) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) are the nowadays devices to fight the security challenge.

Since year 2000, Ada Consulting S.r.l. has developed experiences and formed high-tech skills, with strong realtionships with international vendors to concentrate its efforts to search for Firewall Appliances, with continous updates, centrally managed and granting the most up-to-date technology.

The brands we resell have the following features, as useful for a small company, as well as up to a multi-site enterprise:

  • Network Gateways
  • Stateful Inspection Firewalls
  • Application Level Firewalls
  • Unified Threat Management 
  • Intrusion Detection Prevention
  • URL Filtering & Captive Portal Device

Vendors Certifications: 

Ada Consulting is a Zyxel partner since 2009

Ada Consulting is a Sophos Silver Partner since 2017


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