Ada Consulting offers different kind of helpdesk support to customers:

  • On Site Support: one or more technician will move to assist directly to the customer site; obviously the kind of support requires longer time to be competed, because of travel time, but sometimes this is the only method available, due to complexity and needing of local presence.
  • Remote Support: provided the customer already subscribed an agreement, we can provide remote assistance support, by using a software to establish a link to the customer's device, very fast and economic, because the travel to the customer site is not needed and the request can be queued immediatley.
  • Phone Support: some operations can be completed by using a phone or web conference call; this kind of operation could not be as easy as supposed, because our operator should suggest the right operation sequence to a remote user; mre frequently phone support s used to remote meetings and planning.

To access the Remote Support please click the follow the instructions below

  1. Go to the Ada Consulting Remote Support
  2. Ask the Ada Consulting Operator for the Support Key; please take note of it.
  3. in the form provide your Name and Support Key
  4. Download the small software component and run it
  5. Allow Remote Assistance, when requested
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